About Josh


Josh goes by a lot of other names: Marvin, Marvindy, J, Dishwasher, Dude, Mike, Joshy, and so forth. But you can just call him Josh.

He’s a high school graduate who spends a good amount of time reading–his favorite genre would probably be realistic/contemporary non-genre fiction, which is essentially a catch-all phrase for literary/commerical fiction that’s not primarily focused on a specific genre such as suspense, horror, romance, etc. He also enjoys writing, as you probably can guess if you’ve read a few posts. He appreciates a wide variety of music and doesn’t stay ensconsed in one genre.

Josh is sarcastic, and, according to his friends, goofy with maturity. He’s also a bit of a grammarian. So be careful.
All that said, he doesn’t bite (usually). So come on in. Have a seat. And look at what you feel like.


13 thoughts on “About Josh

  1. Good Lord! Promise me you’ll correct my grammatical errors. Feel free to go wild with the red pencil. But, at my age also prepare for the forgetfulness and that ever so lame excuse, “I could give a rats a$$! I’m busy here trying to make a statement before the curtain falls.”

    P.S. I already like you. Can I move to the front of the room and be my teacher’s pet?

    • Teacher’s pet, eh? I must say that that’s a new one. But sure, why not? I’m sure you’re not as bad as you say you are.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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