50 Things

That’s right. Fifty things. What things? Twenty-five things that Josh likes, then twenty-five things that Josh dislikes. Curious? Good. Not curious? Good. Read on.

50. Josh likes the smell of new guitars. Yes. Really.

49. Josh dislikes it when people abuse the English language.

48. Josh likes spinning around until he’s dizzy.

47. Josh dislikes the sound of fingernails scratching on paper.

46. Josh likes green. And blue. But first and foremost, green.

45. Josh dislikes it when people assume that infatuation=love.

44. Josh likes the number 17, even though he mostly prefers even numbers.

43. Josh dislikes people in cloying relationships.

42. Josh likes watching Crash Course videos. And Mental Floss videos. And SciShow videos. And the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. nerdfighter, much?

41. Josh dislikes any kind of math. Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra–you name it, he hates it.

40. On the other hand, Josh loves English. Reading and memorizing poetry, studying grammar, and delving into literature–he’ll take it.

39. Josh dislikes things that are full of little holes or bumps. Seriously.

38. Josh likes live acoustic music.

37. Josh really dislikes willful ignornace.

36. Josh enjoys being sarcastic. And ostensibly humorous.

35. Josh dislikes seeing books in poor condition. It breaks his heart.

34. Josh likes wearing bracelets. Any kind. He would appreciate your sending him one for his birthday. Don’t tell him we told you.

33. Josh dislikes self-centeredness.

32. Josh loves cooking. And being in the kitchen.

31. That being said, Josh hates washing dishes.

30. Josh likes to turn off society, bring up nature, turn on music, and relax.

29. Josh dislikes being in a room with too many loud people. It’s not conducive to thinking.

28. Josh likes PopTarts. A lot. Especially Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

27. Josh dislikes bullying.

26. Josh likes free stuff. Free books, free gum, free hugs (from specific people only)–you get the point.

25. Josh dislikes long car rides.

24. That being said, Josh loves flying and looking out the window.

23. Josh dislikes most seafood. Sorry, lobster lovers.

22. Josh likes ambient music.

21. Josh dislikes having his work pile up. But it’s his own fault, sometimes.

20. Josh likes procrastinating by watching aforementioned YouTube videos and reading.

19. Josh hates hot weather. With a passion.

18. Josh likes listening to some movie soundtracks. It has to be really epic, though.

17. That said, Josh doesn’t like watching movies for the most part.

16. Josh likes being able to stare down miles below him when he’s standing on top of a mountain.

15. Josh dislikes most of Shakespeare. Sorry, man.

14. Josh likes self-expression. (Read: art.)

13. Josh dislikes cacophonous noises.

12. Josh likes learning the definitions of not-so-average words (like parsimonious, ersatz, and unctuous), and then not using them.

11. Josh dislikes people who talk on and on and on and on and on and. .yeah.

10. Josh likes to make other people feel awkward with his epic friends.

9. Josh dislikes having to get up just after he found a comfortable position. Particularly when he’s listening to music and reading.

8. Josh likes hamburgers. A lot. ‘Nuff said.

7. Josh dislikes wearing shoes. He goes barefoot as often as possible.

6. Josh likes forming words into a story and telling other people about it.

5. Josh dislikes most of the books in the modern YA genre. Especially if they’re of the dystopian, paranormal, or supernatural subgenre.

4. Josh likes taking care of little kids. And playing with them.

3. Josh dislikes shopping for more than an hour. Unless it’s book shopping.

2. Josh loves helping people in whatever way he can.

1. Josh really, really, really dislikes people who judge others, because we are all made equal.


8 thoughts on “50 Things

  1. It’s no use; I’ve tried getting him to listen to Lecrae. But, alas, he doesn’t know good music when he hears it. 😦 And not only that, but then he has the nerve to say that he wouldn’t even call it “music”! 😡

  2. @Christian – I know! Shame on him. 🙂 Sounds like we need to pray for him. ;P
    Rap is a very different, powerful kind of music, because it deals with some of the really hard parts of life in a way that other music can’t. Every type of music has a different relationship with each part of our life.

    Have you gotten him to try Group 1 Crew? I ❤ their song Keys to The Kingdom.


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