Insanity: 100 Words

Ten paces. That is how wide his cell is. There’s a filthy cot and small bucket. A barred window provides the scenic view of a concrete gray wall with barbed wire.
He reaches the end of the cell, turns around, and repeats. It has been twelve long years. It is enough to drive a man insane. But he is stronger than that.
Stopping at the window, he looks out at the endless monotony. He clenches his fists and growls. Then he throws his head back and lets out a hysterical, chilling laugh.
After all, what else is there to do?

3 thoughts on “Insanity: 100 Words

  1. I was in solitary for just a few days and I feel like that’s pretty much exactly what I did. I laughed like a maniac, cried some, and howled like a lunatic.

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