Alicia Park: Ex-Girlfriend Extraordinaire

The following post was written by Christina Bennet, a college student who lives in New York. It’s a sequel of sorts to “The Invisible Ex-Girlfriend,” and has been edited by me. Enjoy.


I loved him. I had no idea what my life would be without him. I did
the best I could to keep our relationship alive, but Wade Bentley
apparently had had enough of me . . . and then dumped me.

At first, I was angry. He didn’t know what he was missing; therefore,
he didn’t deserve me.

But then . . . but then I realized that I still needed him. The worm
might have dumped me, yeah, but he was my whole life. The missing scent
of his cologne lingering around drove me mad; every love song on the radio
was a tribute to how he made me feel. I just couldn’t let that go.
The mere idea of living without him was like gasping for air while

So I began to watch him to see when I could beg him to come back
without seeming needy. Invisibility gave me the sneakiness I needed,
that covert cover that made this possible. Now, I admit it: there was
an odd thrill in watching him. But my goal and my hunger was for so
much more.

First, I gave him a note telling him I was watching him, just so he
could know I still loved him. He seemed to be unwilling to see the
love I was expressing. Phrases I would write while watching him sleep
or shower were ignored. Was this man stupid? My love for him was
touching as much of his life as possible!.

I stopped being indirect with my notes and began to beg and warn him
that my patience was wearing thin. I am Alicia Park, after all, and I
don’t take rejection for long. It’s like I’m dying of thirst and have my dry,
chapped lips on a glass with clear, refreshing water that I can’t
taste no matter how far I tilt it back. It’s maddening. Simply

In fury mingled with deep longing for his love, I return to his place,
trying to think of how to up the ante. Then what should I do? Hmm. Come
up behind him and… put my arms around him. And what if he doesn’t fall
back to me, madly in love? Oh, believe me–he will. No one can
refuse me when I am on the top of my game.

Then I hear him in his office pacing about and dictating a message in
case anything were to happen to him. He’s afraid. Of me. How? Why?
He’s documenting my “breaking of the law.”. He calls it stalking.
He’s still rejecting my actions and refuses to see the love behind
them. This is love, you fool! The purest sort of love! Can’t you
see? Good grief. If that tape was found, it would destroy my life
than it already was. I might never see Wade again. Never.

It’s time for me to try to cure my thirst with another plan, but I
have to wrap up my lose ends first. I come up behind him and give
his neck a squeeze with both of my hands.

“Weird,” he says, obviously startled. “What the heck? Alicia? That you?”

He knows it’s me. That’s what he needs to know. I’m close enough to
the window to grab the rope tying the curtains away from the rays of
sun that come in and spread out across the floor. The sun in his
lofty sky can’t see me; the warming rays pass through my invisible self
so that I don’t even cast a shadow. The rope is strong enough to
become an extension of my hands around Wade’s neck as I cut him off
from air. I know his lungs are now burning with the same torture he’s
given me. Poetic justice, wouldn’t you say?

He slumps . . . rght back into me as if he was once again in love. In
that moment he belongs to me fully, and we love each other like old

But like all good things, it has to end. I delete his recording and
give him one final lingering embrace. I did what was
required. There is no guilt for what I have done.

Sleep well, Wade.

Less than three,

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