The Invisible Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes I’m glad that I live in the 22nd century. But ever since me and my girlfriend broke up, I’ve started reading the tech part of the national e-zine daily, anxiously waiting to see when time travel will finally be invented. Because when it is, I’m going back to the days before invisibility came in.
You see, now that anybody can just create the illusion that they’re not there, thereby practically rendering them invisible, it makes sneaking around a whole lot easier. Oh, sure, there are always people who’re gonna try to use it to their advantage, but there are laws in place, and you can report a situation to the law enforcement. But still. Some situations are a bit . . . stickier than that.
Me and Alicia, we broke up two months ago. She was clingy, I’d had enough. So we ended it. It wasn’t as messy as I’d thought it’d be. At least, not at first. Her eerie composure now makes sense. I should have seen it coming.
Three days after the break-up, I was just finishing up my breakfast, and had put the dishes in the dishwasher. When I turned around to look back at the table, a note written in large, childish handwriting was propped up against the toaster. It said, “IM WATCHING YOU.”
Now, to be honest, I didn’t even think it was Alicia at first. I thought it was some practical joke, or maybe something more serious like a robber. But when I realized that all the windows and doors were still locked, it meant that someone had to either have my fingerprint . . . or the electronic pass card that let those who you gave one in. And Alicia still had one.
So why didn’t I file a report instantly? It could’ve been taken care of in a minute or two, you say. Well, yeah. But some things never change, like gossip. If word got out that Wade Bentley couldn’t take care of his ex-girlfriend who was harassing him . . . well, some people have an image to keep. I’m sure you understand. Besides, Alicia had a life. What was she really going to do?
Apparently, there was a lot more she could do. One time, when I got out of the shower, I saw writing on the fogged-up mirror. Same message as before. Another day, when I plugged in my tablet to charge up, I found it mysteriously disconnected. Minor inconveniences, yet still disturbing. And that wasn’t even the worst. It was the other messages that really set me off.
“I still love you, you know,” the voice would say over hidden speakers. It was calm and even, but I could detect a trace of bitterness or regret in there. “I’m doing this for your own good.” Whenever I heard that phrase, it took everything in me not to choke. “We might have had it all, Wade.” Now that phrase made me wonder if she’d been listening to some of the old music like Adele.
So on and on it’d go. Day in, day out. At times, it was almost amusing; most of the time, though, it was downright creepy. I mean, how many guys get stalked by their invisible ex-girlfriend? And how many of them don’t report it? That’s right: only me. What made it worse was that Alicia knew good and well I wouldn’t. I’d give up my sanity before my pride. And she exploited that fact to the fullest, sometimes mocking me, sometimes daring me to do it. But I didn’t. After all, Wade Bentley wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t handle his problems.
But you know, maybe I can’t. That’s why I’m dictating this for records. If I can’t tell anyone about it, I can at least talk about to myself and look back on it later. Maybe Alicia’s here right now. Maybe she’s listening to every word I’m saying, gloating. I don’t think so, since it’s been quiet for a record five hours. She’s probably entertaining her friends and acting all innocent, convincing her girlfriends that I’m Mr. Big Bad Guy. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Though recently, while her little messages or evidences of her presence have lessened, they’re a bit more sinister now. “Time’s running out, Wade.” “You’d better make the right choice soon, love.” “You know you still want to have me back.”
I think she’s back. Could’ve sworn I heard a footstep. I’ve been getting so used to it, sometimes I can tell where she is and surprise her. Right now, though, I’ll let her do what she wants. All I’ll have to do is get rid of it later.
You know, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship at all. Maybe I should’ve waited, thought about it, made some better choices instead of listening to my heart. “Follow your heart,” they say. Well, sometimes it makes irrational decisions. Alicia was one of them.
Wait, what’s that? Hey! Can’t . . . I can’t breathe well. Choking. Weird. What the heck? Alicia? That you? Hang . . . on. Something’s around my neck. It can’t be. Can’t . . . be. A garrote? Aw, no. Alicia! This can’t be . . . happening. Stop, stop! Can’t breathe . . . stop . . . you ca—

4 thoughts on “The Invisible Ex-Girlfriend

    • I wouldn’t use amazing, but. .thank you 😛 That’s sort of what I’m doing, writing a book full of short stories. To be honest, this story ended up quite differently than I thought it would, since I normally don’t write pieces like that. The whole reason I’d started it was to write a light, trivial piece that takes place in a different setting, yet it morphed into a stream-of-consciousness account of a man’s last moments as his invisible ex chokes him. Go figure.

  1. Wow Josh! =) I subscribed when I saw you had a blog and I am glad I did. This is very impressive; I look forward to reading more.

    ~Courtney =P

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