Stream of Consciousness


So I was feeling rather bored today (not that that’s something new), and I decided to try out something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: write something using stream of consciousness.

You might not know what that means. No worries, that’s why I’m here. The definition of the above term is “to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind.” Basically, it’s letting the reader be right there with a certain character as he goes through his life. The reader is privy to the character’s actual *thought process* as it happens. It is not like a soliloquy, where the character speaks to an audience. This is what a character is actually thinking–the confused, jumbled up ramblings. As it happens. Once put into writing, it allows the writer to format the ramblings however he pleases, which makes for an interesting piece.

So, I decided to write a story using said technique, following a character as she gets ready to go skydiving.

The moments finally here the time to skydive the moment ive been waiting for for so long so very long is here its here its here its here. nervous.
nervous and excited
up in the sky, more than 10 thousand feet up. Up up up.
moment is here time to jump is here everything is ready; i feel bogged down. Bogged down by the weight so much. many myths about skydiving, silly myths; no rip-cords, gone around the ā€˜80s, the 1980s i think. rigs and chutes instead, or something. no rip-cords rip-cords are silly, a myth.
cant talk while falling too much wind too much noise.
Instructor is with me, Jason Jason Holmes cute face brown sandy hair slightly pale, strange; slightly pale not like him not like him at all. Sick. i hate being sick. poor Jason, cant be sick or maybe its just me like it normally is its probably just me.
always me
me. i hate me.
no time for that now almost time to jump final preparations and checks and whatnot jumping together…Jason and me. and me. jumping together. Tandem jumping. tandem skydiving.
Jumping no solid ground air in my face sudden rush of wind cant feel or hear or think or do anything wind all around me want to scream cant scream scream scream falling falling
In control—I think. jason is there looks dizzy. Dizzy. Not good i think dizzy is not good not here not now not ever dizzy. Motions, he doesnt respond. Doesnt respond.
not awake. Unconscious.
need Jason now.
falling, falling, falling. Dont remember anything dont know what to do ground is rushing up so fast
what to do? Jason wont wake up wont wake up somethings wrong need help now.
Must work chute now open it so dont die cant die but what matters nothing matters i hate me i hate me FALLING
jason holmes falling
must save him save him now jason holmes must not die
struggling. Struggling. Deploy, CHUTE. DePloY cHuTe. NO. NOW.
not working.
fatal error death death DEATH falling death its all over DEATH falling it ends here it ends now DEATH

100 mph winds or more 100mph. so fast.
People below.
pEoPle waving. cant see. well enough. Cant and
dont know what to do.


ground rushing. CLOSER> falling closer faster falling

its over over everything is over failure death falling. SoRrY.

goodbye, sorry. jason mother father me hate me failure FALLING death everything confused ground rushing up closer closer

No no no going to die die going to die going to d

Less than three,

Sam: Well, aren’t you kind of like the cosmic moral enforcer of the universe?
God: Cosmic moral enforcer? Sam, I’m not a comic book villain!
God’s Grammar: A Novel, Mick Mooney

9 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

    • Because I enjoy being tragic, of course.

      Also, do note that the character does not necessarily die. Her thought process was merely cut off. Whether or not that was caused by death or merely a severe collision, I do not say. Assuming she died is but one way of taking it.

    • Coincidentally, my tiger friend, I had a semi-nightmare the other night, though the details are quite sketchy. It was not pleasant.

      As do I!

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