Let’s Talk About The Internet

Hola, amigos!

Instead of posting something that I’ve written, today I decided to just. .talk. That’s right. I’m going to sit here, stare at my computer, and let my fingers do the talking. Right now. About things that annoy me. Oh yes. I’m going that way.

Let’s talk about. .the Internet. It’s handy on so many levels, isn’t it? From finding song lyrics to getting directions or connecting with others, the Internet has made our lives easier in so many ways.
However, with it comes. .the people. And I firmly believe that the Internet can bring out the worst in people. Have I offended you already? If I have, you might want to leave now. It’s going to get worse. Because I am about to list some pet peeves I have about people on the Internet. Right now.

People on the Internet lack grammar and mechanics. Look, people, I am NOT asking you to use the subjunctive correctly. I’m not asking you to have your modal verbs in order. All I’m asking is that you take the time to type something that makes SENSE. You go on a chatbox somewhere and this is what you see:
Person 1: heeeyyyy whats up hows it goin
Person 2: nm u
Person 3: idk im bord n sittn here b/c i gots nutin 2 do
Person 1: sucks!!!!!!!!! me and my girl r going out 2day.
Person 2: cool
Person 3: totes awesome! g2g ttyl
Person 1: kk l8r
What even. WHAT EVEN. Does it really take that much time to just type out the word “you”? Will your heart stop pumping because you had to take the time to type out TWO MORE LETTERS? It’s not “ure”, peoples, it’s “you’re.” It’s not “l8r,” it’s “later.” I understand if you’d rather say “gtg” or “brb,” but trying to cut every word down to under five letters is NOT how it goes. Computers and the Internet make our lives so much easier; does it really take that much effort to type a coherent sentence? Also, what is it with excessive punctuation? Two or three, I understand. But fifteen question marks? What in the world? Why say, “How are you????????????” when you can say, “How are you?” Have you not seen said person for five hundred years? Please, people. Enough of that silleh nonsense.

People on the Internet lack manners. Like, why? Do you really need to insult someone? Because it’s the Internet, people have the mentality that, “I can say whatever I want and get away with it,” and therefore feel the need to say whatever they want, whenever they want, and in the most insulting manner possible. Look, people. A little respect goes a LONG way. But no. It’s the Internet. LET’S TROLL AND FLAME TO OUR HEART’S CONTENT.
No. Just no.

People on the Internet are all too often idiotic. Honestly, people. All you have to go do is scroll through the comments on a YouTube video. You’re going to find people saying all sorts of meaningless, offensive, and trashy things. I mean mention one of these words, and you’re bound to get a debate: God, Obama, homosexuality, abortion, or feminism. Alternatively, you can go to a video of a music group, or a clip of a movie, and then say that so and so is better than whoever’s in said video. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with debating and discussing different viewpoints, people, but when you start spouting of senseless garbage that makes zero sense, what on earth is the point of that? It does nothing but make YOU look like a fool. However, you can take comfort in the fact that are countless more out there who fail to follow basic rules of common sense, and will allow you to be just another face in the mass of silly Internet people.

Having said all this, I in no way “hate” people on the Internet. Well, I try not to. It is incredibly frustrating, but after it happens over and over, you get used to it. That does not, however, make it proper for people to lack social grace and decent etiquette on the Internet. You can’t do all that you say and do on the Internet in the real world, can you? So, for those of you who still are reading, I’ve taken time to compile a brief list of tips you can follow while surfing the interwebz.

  • Take a few extra seconds to make a sentence you type look legible. Cut down on excessive slang and Internet chatspeak. Make sure you spell words properly. The bad habits stick, believe me.
  • Remember other people have different opinions. Not everyone thinks the same way you do or believes the same thing you do. Don’t yell at them in ALL CAPS and decide that they’re worthless people.
  • Don’t feed the trolls. If someone’s out trying to flame others on the Internet, don’t fall for it, good people. Live, and let live. Let them live in their own bubble. You’re not going to be able to change them.
  • Respect others. This one really sums up a lot. If you treat others with respect, you’ll make your own life—and other’s—so much easier and more fruitful. Respect is really important.

    Anyways, readers, I’ve rambled quite a bit. Thank you once again for taking the time to read this (and for not hating me too much, I hope)! It’s always a pleasure.

    Also, I’d like to let you know that I’ll be moving next week, and I’m not quite sure how things will be in regards to Internet access. I have, however, scheduled a few posts to help cover you during the start of the next month. Hopefully I shall blog once more before the month ends, but if I do not, rest assured that I shall be around at some point or another.

    And that’s all! Have a good one, folks.

    Less than three,

    “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul; And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.” –Emily Dickinson

  • 14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Internet

    1. Hats off to you too on the name. =D being Irish and loving cats…nothing better.
      Reading the Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck really got me into loving tigers.


    2. Two things:
      1. “Have you not seen said person for five hundred years?”
      That made me laugh. 😀

      2. “If you treat others with respect, you’ll make your own life—and other’s—so much easier and more fruitful.”
      You spelled misplaced the apostrophe in “others’,” Mr. Grammar Nazi. 😛

        • Lol. I think I started to write “You spelled ‘others” incorrectly” but then I switched it to “You misplaced the apostrophe…” and I kept a word from the previous draft in there. But hey! At least be thankful that I’m making drafts of my comments before I send them, so that they will be grammatically correct and thoughtful! :noway:

    3. Terribly sorry about not approving your comment; it went to spam and I did not see it. As for moving, it’s because the parents want to move to their own house, and it’s about an hour from where I am currently located.
      I greatly enjoyed the website you linked me to.
      And as for your other question from your previous post, I do not have a book of quotes; I either look them up on the Internet, or remember quotes that I have read at some other point.

    4. hmm that’s odd it went to spam…
      Cool. I have a cute notebook over half full with quotes, sayings, poems, and song lyrics. I love looking through it when I’m bored.
      Do you like your new house?


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