Happily Ever After

Hello, peoples. Today, for my first post that will showcase something I have written, I bring you a short play I wrote for school some time back. It has both satire and sarcasm, and I hope you enjoy it. Or not.

Happily Ever After

(A play with satire and sarcasm)


The Frog/Jeremy



The setting is simple. There should be a few chairs around a table with a book on it that Mercy is reading. Only other items needed are some flowers.

MECRY (reading softly to herself): . . .and the prince took the princess away to their new home, and they all lived happily ever after. (Closes book and looks dreamily away.) If only that could happen to me. . .

THE FROG (Is sitting watching Mercy): But it could, Mercy.

MECRY: What? Who’s there? (Jumps up and looks around.)

THE FROG: It is I.

MECRY: Wait, but where are. . .oh, I see. But you are a frog! And frog’s don’t talk! (Pauses.) What’s your name?

THE FROG: That is not important. But you can call me the Frog.

MECRY (Staring at the Frog): That’s an awfully important title for a. . .frog like yourself. What is it that you want?

THE FROG: I have been watching you for a long time. (Pauses to swallow.) You see, Mercy, I have had my eyes on you for as long as I could remember. You are the only one for me! Why, you—

MECRY: Now hold it just a minute! (Holds book closely, as if to use on the frog.) Don’t you think that’s a little weird? I mean, you’re a frog. I’m a human girl. We can’t get married, can we?

THE FROG: We could, my dear. But only if you did one thing.

MECRY (Slowly): And what would that be?

THE FROG: If you just. . .(Pauses again.). . .just kissed me, then—

MECRY: Are you insane?! Kiss YOU? A FROG? (Looks disgusted at the thought.)

THE FROG: I cannot explain, but if you did, everything would be well! We could live a happy life forever and ever!

MECRY (Is thinking): That is true, but. . .

THE FROG: All I need is a kiss. Then after that, I promise you that I will do whatever you want. We’ll be happy! It’ll be just like in the stories.

MECRY: The stories. . .(Looks at books.) Well, I suppose that it might be worth it. . .(Thinks for several seconds. THE FROG waits patiently.) Oh, I’ll do it! (Walks over to frog.) Here. . .I. . .go. (Scrunches eyes, makes face, and kisses the frog rapidly).

As her eyes are closed, the frog changes into Jerms, dressed in shining armor.

JERMS: Oh my. . .it worked.

MECRY: (Looks) You. . .you became a human! You’re absolutely stunning!

JERMS: Yes, if I do say so myself. (Smiles and drops on one knee.) Oh Mecry, my one and only love, will you please be mine for all of time?

MECRY: (With a catch in her throat and a tear in her eye) Oh. . .yes my Jerms, I do. I do! (Happily collapses into Jerm’s arms.)

Anne (Comes in the room with flowers) Oh, my, Mecry! (Stares at Jerms.) Who are you? (Eyes narrow) And why is she in your arms? Mecry!

MECRY: . . .what? (Stirs.) Oh! Anne! (Smiles broadly and points at Jerms.) This is my knight in shining armor, Jerms. We’re to be married! And who could ask for a better person? I mean, he has perfect hair, the cutest dimples, his feet don’t smell—(Jerms looks worried here.)—and he’s just adorable!

Anne: . . .okay. I guess.

MECRY: I know, right? We’re going to go the wedding, and it’ll be fantastic! You should come too, I’m sure you could do something. Let’s go!

JEMRS: Yes, let us. This will be the best thing ever! And then we’ll. . .

JERMS, ANNE, and MECRY: All live happily ever after! (Mecry giggles.)

ANNE: (Sighs.) Yeah, right. Oh boy. Long live the new couple!

JERMS and MECRY: Yes, indeed!


Thanks once again for reading! Feel free to leave your thoughts below, whether good or bad. Have an awesome rest of the day, folks.

“Writing is a good way to look at God. He knows what’s going to happen next, yet He wants us to “keep writing” so He can read what happens next.” —RhynalliYah

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